Benefits of having a trained dog

train DogMany of us believe that only competition dogs have to be professionally trained, but the reality is that training your pet is like raising a family member. You have to train your dog according to your needs but there are countless benefits.

Next I will mention some of the main benefits of having a pet trained:

A)     A dog that has been trained will spend more “quality time” with their family and have much more fun:  A trained dog is the perfect companion to accompany the family to the park, to run in the morning, to keep you company when you read your favorite book on the beach. Today many places allow pets but they must know how to behave.

B)      The time you spend training your dog assure your relationship with it will be incredibly better: It has been found that during the period of training, the trainer and the dog develop a bond of friendship and loyalty that is virtually unbreakable for the rest of their lives. This will undoubtedly strengthen the learning process and discipline from both.

C)      The social life of families with pets who have been trained is much easier and enjoyable: Not having to deal with your dog jumping on your friends who come to visit you, always being aware that your dog does not chew the shoes of your visitors, making sure your pet receives more affection from the people around you, and as we all know a dog who receives care and love is a dog that gives love and affection.


D)      A very important point is that when you train your pet, it could be saving their life. Dogs have died when struck by vehicles that have suddenly run outside and do not follow orders and dogs have died from eating poisoned food. All these problems can be greatly reduced if your pet obeys you.


E)      A trained and disciplined dog will help you be more responsible: Many times we do not realize this but there are times when we learn from our trained pets, a clear example is walking your dog. This is a disciplined activity that gives an advantage of physical exercise.


F)      Finally, I will mention that a trained dog will have a long and enjoyable life.

The benefits of training your pet are countless, and worth every second and penny you invest in training your pet. Remember that no matter how bad your day was, your dog will always run to the door to greet and give you the most sincere token of affection that you receive during the day.