Train your dog from puppyhood

We all remember the day whThe dog centralen our new pet came home. Everything was very nice until the new member of the family made number two on another new family member, the $2000 carpet. All these episodes could be reduced greatly if we begin to educate our puppy from day one at home. You can find many books of how to do it, online courses, but depends on you how great and polite your puppy will be. There are two types of training that can be applied to your pet: the obedience and behavior.

For a puppy it is advisable to have small sessions of 10 to 15 minutes to keep it from becoming bored, but needs to be around 3 times a day. These sessions can teach basic commands like sit, come, and heel.  All these commands correspond to the stage of your puppy’s obedience.
For the performance of your new pet you must understand that your puppy will think that the things he does are correct. For example, be on the bed, chase the children of the house, drink water from the toilet. Even if your puppy looks so cute playing with your shoes, if this behavior is not corrected, he will not change in the future. At that time his mouth and teeth will be much larger. You must think of your dog’s future. If you do not want your dog on the bed, you must teach him or else he will believe it is their place.

But like everything in life you need to invest time and discipline so that everything goes your way. Never expect results the first day, spend days for your puppy to understand and execute a command in the right way.
You also have to be very careful when punishing your pet. Do not use commands such as come to punish him because the will is a relationship between punishments and reward. The way you reward your friend for being obedient will definitely motivate you and your dog to continue issuing the command correctly. You can use food or a sign of affection given as an award.
Training a puppy can be many times more difficult than training an older dog and they want to play most of the time, but with patience and a lot of love, you will get the best results with your new pet.
The most important thing is that your pet sees you as their leader so in this way he will respect you and your relationship will be better.
I’ll leave this course online for you to consider as an option to train your pet of which I have previously studied and support.