My Day At the Dog Show

I’ve always had something of a fondness for dogs. Our four-legged friend always seem to be there for us when we need them and there is nothing quite like coming back home and being greeted by those distinctive barks that let us know that they care about the fact that we are back.

Of course over time I have become increasingly interested in dogs, having always had one in the family for as long as I remember. Personally I am not a stickler for breed and I will always be more than happy to have a mongrel assuming the dog itself has plenty of personality and returns the love that is given to it by the family.

Still, I have always had something of a fascination with dog shows and the dedication that goes into the breeding and training of the eventual winners. While it is something that I could never dedicate the time or the effort to I have begun starting to make it a point to visit such shows when they are held to give the proper respects to those trainers who work day and night to ensure that their dogs are as good as they can possible be. The ability of these animals to take the information and training we give them and retain it on such a large stage always astound me and I delight to see a dog manage to perform its routines in front of the live audience.

It was during a trip to London that I first got to experience one of these shows up close and personal. The effort and care that goes into the creation and holding of these events rivals the care that goes into the dogs themselves and it was a simply spectacular feeling to get up close and personal with the whole thing.

The show itself was a marvel. So many beautiful dogs strutting their stuff and you could tell that every owner had a little bit of a competitive streak that was hiding behind the beaming smiles and pride that was being taken in the exhibition of these fine animals. By the time it can to announcing the winners I would have been more than happy for every single dog to have taken home the grand prize. I have to admit I’d fallen in love with more than a few of them.


Alas there can be only one winner in these shows and the overall best in show trophy eventually went to a beautiful little Dachsund that really was a bundle of energy. The look of joy on the owners face when she received the trophy was absolutely priceless and I have a feeling that she ended up enjoying more than a couple of bottle of Champagne Mumm as part of the celebrations.

As for me, I was happy to get home to my own little cross-Collie. As always my dog was always delighted to see me. She may not be winning any dog shows any time soon but I will always be glad to have her in my life.


Written By Anna Torton